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How To Start Hiring

Start Today For a Great Future
  • 1. Post a project

    It's always free to post your project. You'll automatically begin to receive bids from our 321Workings. Alternatively, you can browse through the talent available on our site, and make a direct offer to a 321Working instead.

Making Serious Profit

Manage Your Profitable Account

2. Choose the best 321Working

  • a) Browse 321Working profiles
  • b) Chat in real-time
  • c) Compare proposals and select the best one
  • d) Award your project and your 321Working goes to work

Getting Into Business

Focus on Your Work & Team

3. Pay when you are satisfied

  • Pay safely using our PayPal Payment system - release payments according to a schedule of goals you set, or pay only upon completion. You are in control, so you get to make decisions.
Be in Control. Keep in Contact.
  • 4. Be in Control. Keep in Contact.

    Use our Desktop App to track progress, monitor hours, communicate, share, and do much more. Always know what's going on with your project, what is getting done, and what still needs doing.


    Use our mobile app for easy on-the-go messaging. Stay in touch with your 321Working or client whenever you have questions, updates, or have something to share.


    Control the completion of projects, and payments. Only release your payment when benchmarks are met, or when a project is completed to your satisfaction.


Safe and Secure.

5. 321Working.com is a community that values your trust and safety as our number one priority:
  • • State-of-the-art security for your funds. All transactions are secured with DigiCert 4096-bit SSL encryption.
  • • Request for Milestone Payments from your clients to make sure that your hard earned money gets to you safely.
  • • Our representatives are available 24/7 to assist you with any issues.
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